Jung Coach
Jung Coach

Fruits of a long quest for authenticity gave me back my life (returning). It has turned me into a sort of archaeologist of human depth and its many beauties. My path of return started many years ago and is expressed in the following poem from 1999.

Whisper softly,
whisper my name,
so I will not flie.
Call me by my name,
call me through my wall
from the other side,
so the soft singing moves me.
Whisper my name,
so I can hear! 
    Robbie, Rob, once Ro-Bart.

On this quest back, many dreams came to aid. The dream below provides a picture of who I am and my worldly pursuits.

I'm on a road in a village, a horse cart drives past. A man stands on the cart. Everyone moves around the cart around, in order to receive something. I am looking from a distance, but still the man throws something at me … I catch it, like in an impulse, with my right hand, it appears to be a gold coin, "Christopher" is it's name. In silence I stand looking, expecting no more. Then surprisingly the man on the cart throws something again to me.Very handy, in one impulse, I catch again, with my right hand. It appears to be a another golden coin. As picture it holds a shepherd with a country hat and wooden staff, now the name "Helvetia" resonates.

This dream signifies the essence of Jung Coach.
Helvetia is the goddess which stands for Switzerland, Minerva, freedom. To me this talent has to do with the inner gold, inner talents. Like the Swiss banks and their business in the world with money (the silver coins),  my work is has to do with this inner talent or- gold. Apparently I received a talent to be able to "see"  through the wall's and fortifications that protect the most precious and mirror back originally given talents.

To increase and protect the preciousness of this inner-world and promote this in worldly life. It is for me a way to give back the proceeds of a long personal quest to others and to the world, to you personally?